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06:56pm 06/11/2005
  Anyone heard any new news lately about our ghoulish gal pals?

Creepy Crawlies has been down for some time now.
comic con 
09:57am 13/07/2005
  So I finally got The Dead Nasties, I will be pestering Ms. Olive for a hand shake this weekend!  
Updatin' & Shizzzzzzz 
05:44pm 22/06/2005
  Hey you guys!!!! (said in Goonies-esque Sloth voice)

I'll be signing the ol' O:G Trade paper back this weekend at:

Sat. JUNE 25th from 5pm - 7pm
16509 Bellflower Blvd.
Bellflower, Ca. 90706
(562) 263-0277

And just a month away is:

JULY 15th-17th
Here's my Signing Schedule:
All 4 Days signing at:
11am - 12:30pm
3pm - 4:30pm

If you're into the beautification of your cell phone, I did some images available for download. Check 'em out at:

Pinches on the bum,
10:32am 05/04/2005
was anyone able to find

been to a million comic book stores and can not find it. I would think if they carry the regular comics then they would have this sucker, so I suppose Ill beg them to order it.

Lady Olive.. what day will you be attending the san diego comic con this year?
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New Email Addy 
07:40pm 21/01/2005
  Hi peeps!

If you've tried to hit me with an email lately...surprise! I haven't been able to check my theblackestolive@hotmail.com account forever now & it doesn't look like it's ever going to be back up. Poops.

So my new shizz iz: olivepoopski@hotmail.com

Also, I lost all my contacts & my artsy-fartsy email list. Hooray for technology! So, if you'd like to be included on zee new one, just send me on over a friendly "whaddup?"

PS. asnailnamedted rocks. You guys are so nice to have this.

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01:08pm 22/12/2004
mood: creative
yeserday i finally got my grubby lil fingers on number 6, thus makeing me sooper excieted and curious to know what happens after this climatic part in the story!

te he Ted is ghetto.
happy halloweenie 
07:15am 31/10/2004
mood: energetic

This book collects the first 6 issues along with special guest pin-ups & other spook-alicious goodies.

*taken from http://www.creepy-crawlies.org/ *
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me again 
05:09am 21/10/2004
  Does anyone have an OutLookGrim Images? I wanted to make some Icons, and what not. But I can't really find any pics online, and my scanner is down, : (

any ideas, or help out be appreciated,
thnx a lot
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just needed to be said 
05:04am 21/10/2004
mood: content
ok, hi i'm new, and I thought I would just say hello and OUTLOOK GRIM RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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06:55pm 16/10/2004
  would anyone else like to moderate this community?  
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Invader Zim 
06:44pm 19/09/2004
  Hey guys, I was just wondering, how many of you are fans of Invader Zim? I have recently become a fan, and my favorite character is Gir. Anywho, just thought i'd share. Toodles for now life force moochers!  
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Beastly BOok Tour- A few Dates Left! 
01:29pm 24/08/2004


Meet SLG Creators Black Olive (Outlook Grim) and Christopher (Ghouly Boys) this Wednesday @ Golden Apple on Melrose!

Special Guests Include:
AAaron A. (Serenity Rose)

Crab Scrambly (13th of Never)

Tommy Kovac (Stitch, Skelebunnies, Autumn)

Rikki Simons (Shutterbox, Ranklechick, Voice of Gir from Invader Zim)

Tavi Simons (Shutterbox, Ranklechick)

INTO THE FRAY Cd's will be on sale at Christophers table.

Date: This Wednesday, August 25th 6:30 pm to 9pm

Location: Golden Apple 7711 Melrose Ave (Near Fairfax)

Phone: 323.658.6047

Get together with Black Olive and Christopher as they tour the Western US on the Beastly Book Tour. Check with Stores for complete details, or visit the SLG website for updates. Many other SLG creators will be joining them on selected stops.




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05:27pm 15/08/2004
  does anyone know where I can find issues four and five of outlook grim. No matter what comic store or hot topic I go to, they seem to only carry up to number three. It makes me sad and wanting to pull my hair out! Need more of the outlook grim!  
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hey kids! news from the queen of the creepy crawlies! 
07:56pm 10/08/2004
  Hey guys,

Just received an email from Black Olive about an upcoming tour she is doing. I curse all you lucky bastards that actually get to attend one of these. Damn you for hating on the Michigan! Hee hee just kiddin. Anywho, here's the info for the rest of you! Enjoy!

"Hey peeps,

If you haven't heard already, The Beastly Book Tour has begun! Our next
is Portland this Wednesday. Here's all the info, spread the word, yo!

SLG creators Black Olive and Christopher are embarking on The Beastly
Tour in August to promote their comics Outlook: Grim and The Ghouly
The two creators will appear at eight comic book stores in the western
United States to meet fans and sign books.

The dates and locations for their appearances are

Aug. 7th at 12:00 p.m.: Comickaze, San Diego, CA
Aug. 11th at 7:00 pm: Reading Frenzy, Portland, OR
Aug. 14th at 1:00 pm: Zanadu II, Seattle, WA
Aug. 18th at 3:00 p.m: Alternate Reality Comics, Las Vegas, NV
Aug. 20th at 6:30 p.m.: Night Flight @ the Cottonwood Mall, Salt Lake
Aug. 21st at 2:30 p.m.: Night Flight @ Library Square, Salt Lake City,
Aug. 25th at 6:30 pm: Golden Apple, Los Angeles, CA
Aug. 28th at 1:00 pm: Hijinx Downtown, San Jose, CA
Sept. 1st at 12:00 pm: Atlantis Fantasyworld, Santa Cruz, CA

for more info, go to : www.slavelabor.com

woot rock my socks! 
05:27pm 02/08/2004
  Well, just cranked out 9 pages of my first comic. Now to see if my artist runs away peeing his pants! Yeah, my imagination basically works like a movie, so we shall see if I am being a little too over the top with my expectations. I wish I could draw! I know exactly what I want, where I want it, and I wouldn't have to feel bad about putting so much on the artisits shoulders. I'm so glad I finally got off my ass and decided to attempt to make a long living dream come to reality. I love comics, and I love writing, so why not blend two of my favorite things together right? hee hee

I have a question for all of you guys. I still have no clue as to what the title of the comic is going to be, but I know I would like for it to have something to do with fate or destiny. Could any of you give me any suggestions? I would be very grateful! Well kiddies, continue enjoying Outlook grim and the rest of the comics in the SLG universe! Maybe one day I will join in the ranks of them! Here's to dreaming!

Andria: )
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08:46pm 01/08/2004
  hey guys!

Sorry its been so long since my last update, but you know how it is! Anywho, I am so glad to see some new members!!!!! Welcome to community guys! I know I already did this post below, but i;m still excited to have new people to talk about Outlook Grim with! Woot!

I went to the comic book store the other day, and although they didn't have issues four and five of Outlook Grim, I did happen to come across two comics that were quite good. The first was Autumn. I picked it up right away because it comes from SLG, and from my experience so far, SLG puts out some kick ass stuff! I was delightfully happy to find that Autumn is also very kickass! The other comic picked was the first issue of "30 days of night". I have a crazy love for vampires, and so this attracted my attention right away.

I am looking forward to issue two of the ghouly biys coming out, because I really enjoyed the first issue of that one! Antoher that I have found myself falling in love with is "Bear". I can't decide if I like bear or the psychotic cat more. hmmmm,.....

My comic is coming along really well. I have mapped out the entire first issue as far as what the pages will look like for my very talented artist. Unfortunately, unlike Black Olive, I am pretty shitty at drawing, but I was lucky enough to find a cool guy who works with my fiancee who is willing to bring my twisted imagination into the light of day. I have been going crazy trying to come up with a name for the comic, and I think I would like the name to have something to do with fate or destiny. They play a large role in the comics plot. Can anyone recommend any ideas to me??? I would be most appreciative!

Well guys hope to hear more of your thoughts soon! Have a great week!

bye bye


devoted outlook grim slave!!!! hee hee
hello new members! 
04:17pm 29/07/2004
  hello and welcome new members! Glad to see that a few new faces have joined in on the outlook grim love! Please feel free to post anything in regards to outlook grim or the other comics of the SLG universe!

: )
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Pay special attention to your parents odd behavior...... 
11:48am 29/07/2004
mood: cynical
hey hey.

A few months back last year (Halloween time) I was reading a local newspaper out here in San Diego called Fahrenheit{ http://www.sdfahrenheit.com } anyways the cover art for that weeks issue was awesome,

so I went to check out who did it, and that is where I was introduced to the awesomeness of Miss BO. Even more, they had a giveaway that week to win some of her comic books, so I said what the heck, wrote a letter saying how I much I liked it and then a few days later, TADA I won! So then a few weeks went by and in the mail came this package from Black Olive herself, including a congrats letter, issue one and two of O:G and 4 lil postcards with issue 2 cover art.


more to the point, last sunday was the San Diego Comic Con!! yippee! I attened like I have been for the past 6 years and there walking amongst the isles of geeks and freaks, I saw a lil booth dedicated to the missy. She wasnt there or anything, I had missed her by one day, but I was able to buy 3.4.5 and a Ghouly Boys comic and some other bookies from some guy that was managing the whole booth of, which Im assuming, other SLG artists. score.

now after recovering from a sickness I recieved, I was able to start reading my new bookies this morning, and saw that missy had a fancy website..pointed my lil clicker at it and then found out that someone else out there in Live Journal land had a love for this stuffies. HOWDY DAY!

so thas me story and yadda yadda...

loves and pirates,

Miss Faith.
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yay! a bit off topic, but none the less 
07:52pm 02/07/2004
mood: cheerful
I have finally come up with a cool idea for my very own comic. Yay! My fiance Phil has been talking to this guy Brian at his work. Brian is an artist who I asked Phil to ask for me if he would be interested in doing the artwork for my comic. He is really excited about it, as he will not only be inking my comic, but has also started creating one of his own. Yay, good things for all sides involved! I'm gonna start getting all these ideas down so I can go over them with Brian, that way we can determine what changes need to be made and if Brian is still interested. The thing wth me is, I not only write the dialogue, but I write exactly how I want things to look. I know every detail in my head, and so I hope thats ok with him. Yay, sorry I say yay a lot when i'm excited! Hee hee. Wish me luck, and good luck to Christopher and Olive on their free comic tour! You guys need to come share the love in Michigan!!!!!!

Have a great fourth of July everyone!

Andria: )
welcome Black Olive! 
09:19am 28/06/2004
  Hello and welcome to the community black olive! Its an honor to have you here!Thank you so much for creating the outlook grim comic and for being kind enough to add a link to this live journal to your web page!